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Its important to Digital Project Masters that speakers reflect the student body (as much as possible given the few numbers of women in tech.)

  • 71% of guest speakers were womxn
  • Half of the womxn were WOC

  • Marika Kononen, Web Developer at Geniem
  • Tara Stentz, Prediction Software Engineer at Uber Advanced Technologies Group
  • Brian Susko, Director, Software Engineering at UPMC Enterprises
  • Jenna Charlton, Consultant III at Coveros
  • Arit Amna, Software Engineer at Capterra
  • Paul Scarrone, Full Cycle Developer at Robots & Pencils
  • Stephanie Eckles, Design System Lead Dev/Sr. Frontend Dev at Nelnet
  • Nacha Nachiappan, Software Development Lead at Experian
  • Sangeeta Nori, Software Development Lead at General Motors
  • Joshua Sager, Partner & Managing Director at Viable Industries
  • Vara Anantharaman, Lead Software Engineer at UPMC

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