Given the growth of online marketing and 100% online businesses, any conversation with companies today most likely includes talk about a digital project- a website, a social media campaign, an email newsletter, a mobile app, or web application for its internal or external users.  

And managing digital projects isn't just for software companies and techies. Every industry today strives to build and maintain an online presence.  

No matter what your background or industry is, there's an opportunity to gain by advancing your digital skills

Advance Your Digital Project Management Skills With Us

  • Gain industry relevant certifications that are internationally recognized
  • Build your design, development, marketing, & management skills
  • Learn how to manage & collaborate with others on more complex digital projects
  • Gain experience & build your Digital Project Manager portfolio by applying for a Remoteship™

What is Digital Project Management?  

It's the process of managing web-based aka digital projects from concept to completion, within budget and using a certain amount of resources.  

What are some examples of digital projects?

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Email newsletter campaigns
  • Social media content creation  

...just to name a few!

Why should you become a Digital Project Master?  

  • You can work in an office or remotely
  • You can work as independent contractor on a project-basis or as a FTE
  • It's a role that's needed in every industry (your background is an advantage)
  • You can work alone or on a project management team
  • Certifications in project management & agile are recognized worldwide
  • There's always room for professional growth

2.2 million

That's the number of new project-oriented roles employers will need to fill each year through 2027.

DPM Courses & Remoteship™ Opportunities

Step 1: DPM Bootcamp

Want to learn more about digital project management?

This beginner course covers the role of a digital project manager and fundamentals of digital project management. 

After successful completion, students may apply for a Remoteship™ with Digital Project Masters.

Registration for the January 2020 DPM Bootcamp is now closed.

Request Syllabus & Course Schedule Here

Apply for a Remoteship™

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Students who have successfully completed DPM Bootcamp may apply for a Web Design Remoteship™ or Digital Marketing Remoteship™ Students who have successfully completed DPM Bootcamp & DPM Academy (formerly known as Moms Can Code School) may apply for a Web Development Remoteship™ or Digital Project Management Remoteship™

*Digital Project Management Remoteship™ hours can be used towards the 4500 or 7500 hours required in leading or directing projects before applying for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam. See DPM Academy Syllabus for more information.

What is a Remoteship™?

Our Remoteship™ program allows individuals the opportunity to build their web development, web design, digital marketing, and digital project management skills. 

Remoteships™ are:

  • 100% remote
  • paid
  • part-time

Step 2: DPM Academy

Want to gain practical experience managing more complex digital projects?

This course covers web development, collaboration on a remote team, & building a portfolio.

Pre-Requisite: DPM Bootcamp

After successful completion of DPM Academy, students may apply for a Remoteship™ with Digital Project Masters.

Request Syllabus & Course Schedule Here

How to Register

Registration for DPM Bootcamp starting in January 2020 is now closed. Registration for DPM Academy starting in April 2020 is only open to students that have completed DPM Bootcamp.

Registration for DPM Bootcamp starting in April 2020 will open soon. 

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