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Erica Peterson

Currently in Pittsburgh, PA

Meet Erica, our Founder & CEO. Erica's developed a highly trained muscle for testing strategies, finding product market fit on a budget, and building a lean startup. She's passionate about creating opportunities to advance women's skills and help build women's wealth. When she's not on her Macbook, Erica's busy chasing her sons and Danzig. (See Past Press)


Currently in bed

This is Danzig. He's the employee of the year. When Danzig isn't wowing clients, he's napping and binging on Paw Patrol.

Dana O' Neil

Currently in Mt. Pleasant, MI

Dana is a mom of 2 girls and military spouse who is passionate about creating opportunities for women in the remote workplace. She lends her multifaceted operations and full stack software development skills to the company. In her spare time, she volunteers her coding skills to help nonprofits with an impact on military families.

Wendy Kakuda

Currently in Brussels, Belgium 

Wendy is a Front-End Web Developer and mom of a boisterous four-year-old. She loves working in education and believes that code fosters boundless creativity, active engagement, inclusivity and open communication. Wendy and her family love to travel and have lived in Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Belgium, US and UK. 

Christopher Peterson

Currently in Pittsburgh, PA

Chris brings his extensive experience of working with family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs to our agency. He loves helping the Davids beat the Goliaths through developing digital marketing strategies and responsive websites. Chris also loves spending time offline with his sons at BMX parks.

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